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Great stories! Every story has turned out really well so far, I can’t wait to commission more of them. You do a fantastic job fleshing out my story ideas into something really enjoyable.

– Civillain*

Usually hesitant to subscribe but this was absolutely worth it. Lots of content for a multitude of kinks, with literary composition that leaves nothing more to be desired. Highly recommend.

– speedmonster*

*Customers requested anonymity, so random usernames were given to them.

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The Taking Control series

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Hello! I’m Natasha Penn. Beside the sci-fi/fantasy fiction for young adults that I write, I’m also known among personal circles for well-written smut. Since I don’t want to expose minors to my NSFW stories, those posts will be locked as premium content. In order to unlock premium access, you can select the “Subscribe” option in any of the blogs to the left for as little as $5! More tiers will become available in time.

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The Maid For Me series