Featured Artist: MidLuuna

Alessia Bellardini

Freelance artist, creator of the comic Moons on Tapas, and the illustrator of my first book’s cover art! She also streams on Twitch and sells art prints on INPRNT.

All art, drawings, pictures, photos, graphics, and icons used across this website were shared either with consent or under free use. Character art, blog art, and book cover illustrations were commissioned pieces by indie artists–in other words, I paid for those pieces to be created and credit the artists who made them. Photos used as page headers, featured images, and blog art are from websites such as Unsplash and Pexels, where photographers post their photos for others to use freely, and I also credit the photographers and website in these cases.

DO NOT SHARE, REPOST, REBLOG, OR USE ANY OF THE BLOGS, POETRY, STORIES, CHARACTER BIOGRAPHIES, ART, OR GRAPHICS FEATURED ON THIS WEBSITE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. If permission is granted, you must credit me for my original characters AND the artist who created the piece. You can share the photos, as they were acquired from free-use sites, but I would suggest and request that you respect the original photographers by crediting them when you share their pictures. Graphics found at the end of blogs (and in some cases, as the header) were made on Canva, and some of the icons used on the social media graphics were found on Icons8. Both are websites that allow you to use assets freely (so long as you credit, in the case of Icons8) and Canva uses photos uploaded by photographers that are either free to use or require a premium subscription.