An Interesting Fetish [PART 1]

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This is an NSFW blog. The following post is raw, unedited, and contains taboo discussions and lewd thoughts that include masters and slaves, dominant and submissive relationships, transgender sexual relations, bondage, and tickling. If any of that makes you uncomfortable, then please do not continue to read this. This story was requested by a commissioner and is not reflective of my own views or personal interests.

Neither of them knew how long they had been asleep, nor could they even recall falling asleep. They could remember the crash; the hull of their ship caving in as an enemy vessel collided with theirs. Another took advantage of their comrade’s misfortune to aim every turret they had and fire a seemingly endless array of photon blasts. The emergency light overhead bathed the bridge in an ominous red glow, pulsing like a deep sea predator. Half of their crew was knocked unconscious by the collision; others were disintegrated by the weaponized lasers that tore through the helm. Captain Castor had managed to drag First Officer Pollux, who had passed out from her injury, up to the captain’s station, where she fitted herself and her subordinate for portable oxygen masks.

Then, for what felt like eons, there was nothing but darkness.

When she awoke, Castor realized she was standing upright, almost as if she had never fallen asleep. Pollux was to her left, looking as radiant as ever. Her skin was like cream, light khaki-pink with jewel blue undertones. Her straight, shoulder-length hair reminded her of starlight with its silver hue. The captain was almost half a foot shorter than her first officer, so when Pollux glanced down at her with her lapis blue gaze, Castor thought she was staring up at the twilight sky.

Pollux blinked, her eyes wide with surprise. “What are you wearing, Cas?”

“Huh?” Castor looked down. “What do you–?”

She had never seen a more ridiculous outfit in her life.

Growing up, Castor had dealt with her fair share of bullies and jealousy as a result of her body. She was a couple inches below average height, and her small breasts left little to the imagination. However, once puberty hit, her hips widened and her rear grew at an alarming rate. Her voluptuous figure gained her many admirers in her young adult years, but she never took any suitors or sexual partners–not until she met Pollux, that is.

Her sexual–and sometimes romantic–history with Pollux and other members of their crew aside, Castor had never worn anything as ridiculous as what she found on her body.

Hot pink satin covered her tiny breasts in the form of an underwire bra, and matching high-waisted panties hugged her voluptuous rear. Thigh-high stockings squeezed her plump legs, the same shocking pink as the rest of her ensemble. They and her panties seemed to show off her wide hips and thick thighs, and the bright color of the shiny fabric complemented the bronze undertones of her warm ochre brown complexion. A rose gold band hugged her left arm, and another hugged her right wrist. A charm hung from the bracelet; a chunk of red fire quartz shaped into an obelisk. A rose gold chain hung around her neck, carrying a larger obelisk of the same stone. Black platform pumps lifted her at least three inches off the ground, and it was at her new height that she caught sight of her reflection in a full-length mirror hanging from the wall directly ahead.

Her hair was the same shade of strawberry blonde that it had always been, and seeing her natural hair color and her familiar springy curls frame her round face was a comfort.

She caught Pollux’s reflection standing beside hers. “You’re one to talk, Pol. What are you wearing?”

Pollux seemed to be Castor’s opposite in every way. She was pale compared to the captain, and her modelesque figure towered over her superior officer. Pollux was slender, with large breasts that always seemed dangerously close to a triple D cup size. Her tummy was flat, her hips and legs were thin, and her rear end was about as full as Castor’s chest. Her body, however, was not what Castor’s rosewood eyes were glued to.

Her massive breasts were squished into an emerald green, underwire bralette. Mesh covered the see-through cups, and a prominent layer of floral lace lined the V-shape of her plunging neckline. The chest piece was held together by two straps; the first extended back from the sides like a normal bra strap, and the second held the bottom of each cup for added support. A triangle cutout between the second strap and where the two cups met formed a window, making it so Pollux had her complete cleavage on display. Her matching panties were also high-waisted, with similar triangle cutouts on either side of the mesh layer that extended over her sex. She wore thigh-high, opaque stockings of the same shade of emerald green, and pointed black pumps covered her feet. Pollux also had on a necklace with a matching arm band and bracelet, but her jewelry was silver-toned with blue chalcedony obelisks. Castor also realized that the jewelry Pollux wore was on her opposite appendages as on Castor; her arm band was one her right arm, and her bracelet was on her left wrist.

Her partner studied her own reflection and shrugged. “I don’t know. Looks like some kind of kinky fuckery.”

While not eloquently put, Castor had to admit that Pollux had a point: whoever had dressed them in such outfits had to have known how this would look once they came to. Castor surveyed the area, taking in their surroundings. They were in a spacious room, with vaulted ceilings and tall windows. The starry night welcomed them, a contrast to the decrepit architecture and filthy stone floor. Cobwebs littered every nook and cranny in sight, and a summoning circle had been drawn on the floor beneath their feet. The circle lined up perfectly with the moonlight that poured in from a wide, circular window built high up onto the opposite wall. A ring of candles lined the circle, all of which were not lit. Upon further inspection, Castor realized that they must have all been blown out, as little wisps of smoke were still visible, rising from the charred wicks.

She held a hand out to Pollux in a halting motion. “Someone’s here,” she whispered, spinning around to confront their captor.

to be continued in part two

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Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva

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